What brands should know about shooting with Snap’s Spectacles

21.11.16, 14:30

Shooting videos with Snap Inc.’s newly released Spectacles seems super-simple. Put the sunglasses/camcorder on your face; tap a button to record; open Snapchat to review your video; add any filters, text or emojis; upload. But it’s not that simple.

Shooting every snap with Spectacles is tempting. The circular clips and “from Spectacles” label on your snaps can signal your Snapchat savvy. But don’t. For starters, Spectacles record video with a fish-eye view and, by default, webcam-quality standard definition (you can upgrade to HD before posting, but it’s not a drastic change). You also can’t apply lenses, including the new World Lenses, when shooting with Spectacles.